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On August 7th, 2018 The City of Junction City put into effect Resolution R-2850 which is a resolution promoting a tobacco-free environment at outdoor recreational areas within the City of Junction City. 

The resolution addressed four fundemental ideas:

·  Tobacco and e-cigarette devices use in the proximity of children and adults engaging in or watching outdoor recreational activities at city-owned facilities is unhealthy and detrimental to their health.

·  There is a unique opportunity to create and sustain an environment which supports a non-tobacco and non-e-cigarette norm through a Tobacco and E-cigarette Free policy, rule enforcement and adult-peer role modeling on city-owned outdoor recreational facilities.

·  That parents, leaders and officials involved in recreation are role models for youth and can have a positive effect on the lifestyle choices they make.

·  Cigarettes, once consumed in public spaces, are often discarded on the ground which diminishes the beauty of the recreational facilities, poses a risk to toddlers due to ingestion and requires additional maintenance expenses.

Tobacco-Free Policies for Outdoor Recreational Facilities Makes Sense.



Here’s Why:

Secondhand smoke harms everyone and kills thousands every year.

Exposure to secondhand smoke is the third leading cause of preventable death

in the United States, killing 38,000 to 65,000 nonsmokers every year.

Secondhand smoke is harmful in outdoor settings.

According to a leading secondhand smoke expert, secondhand smoke levels

in outdoor public places can reach levels as high as those found in indoor

facilities where smoking is permitted.

Tobacco-free policies in outdoor settings are part of a national trend

that has been taking place for several years.

Communities throughout the United States are creating tobacco-free outdoor

recreational facilities out of concern for the health of their citizens.

Tobacco-free policies help change community norms.

Tobacco-free policies establish the community norm that tobacco use is not an

acceptable behavior for young people or adults.

Tobacco-free policies enable leaders to model healthy lifestyle choices.

In a tobacco-free environment, coaches and recreational leaders become 

tobacco-free role models that send a powerful message to youth that

tobacco use is not part of a healthy lifestyle.

Tobacco-free policies help break the connection between tobacco and sports.

For years the tobacco industry has sponsored and advertised at sporting events,

misguiding young people’s perception of tobacco use. Research indicates that

sporting events expose youth to extensive tobacco use by people they view as

positive role models.

City-wide policies create a consistent tobacco-free policy

for all outdoor youth recreational facilities in the community.

Since many school districts prohibit tobacco use at their outdoor facilities,

a tobacco-free policy for city-owned outdoor youth recreational facilities creates

continuity and eliminates confusion about which facilities are tobacco free.

A tobacco-free policy also provides support to recreational organizations that

already have an existing policy and use the city’s facilities.

Here is the information for Tobacco Free Parks page with the resolution to link to. 

Tobacco Free Parks is a Live Well Geary County initiative funded by BCBSKS Geary County Pathways to a Healthy Kansas grant.

Live Well Geary County

 Live Well Geary County is a healthy living coalition that develops community-based strategies to improve the health of its community and residents. “Live Well was founded in response to a call for countywide coordinated action among health and wellness stakeholders."

In 2017 Live Well Geary County  was awarded a three-year Pathways to a Healthy Kansas Coordination Grant from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas.The purpose of this funding is to invest in communities to create sustainable, healthy places where Kansans have the opportunity to live, work and play in ways that improve the quality of their lives.

The goal of this initiative is to engage stakeholders across seven pathways (community policy, community well-being, food retail, health care, restaurants, schools, and worksites) to encourage healthy eating, active living and tobacco-free lifestyles to help our community members keep their health throughout their lives, not just get it back once they get sick.

What We Aim to Achieve

  • Increase awareness and community engagement in leading healthy lifestyles
  • Make the healthy choice the default choice across sectors of the community through both policy and practice
  • Increase consumption of and access to healthy foods
  • Increase access to and use of safe environments for physical activity
  • Support tobacco-free living
  • Improve quality of life in participating communities starting now and continuing for generations to come

Live Well Geary County Website