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The Costs of Tobacco


Personal Costs

If you smoke a pack a day at an Average Price per Pack of $7 (US).  Then your habit costs you $2548 a year.  If you do that your entire working career of approximately 40 years you will have spent a minimum of $101,9200.

Smokeless tobacco users will spend approximately $400 per year or $16,000 over the course of a career.

Disposable vapes cost about $1387 per year and rechargable e-cigarettes cost around $605 per year.

Clearly, there is no cheep nicotine habit.  And since the cost of tobacco will continue to rise over the years, the above projections will actually be higher.

Family Costs

Looking at a lifelong habit of smoking.  The same amount of money spent on a pack a day habit over the course of a year, IF INVESTED, would build a nest-egg of around $165,600 over the course of just 20 years.  

Or, that same $2548 over the course of 10 years would be a strong college fund.

Or, vacations, a down payment on a car, or help with unexpected expenses.  

The other cost to your family is the cost of time.  On average, smokers tend to live 10 fewer years than non-smokers and their overall quality of life deteriorates faster than non-smokers due to health issues.  Tobacco quite literally steals your money, your time, and your overall happiness.