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Pregnancy-Tobacco Free JC Quit Program

Quit for you, Quit for them

The Pregnancy-Tobacco Free JC Quit Program, is a smoking cessation program created to reduce the use of tobacco in the pregnant and postpartum population.

How the Program Works

· Pregnant women eligible to enroll may contact, or are referred, to Delivering Change: Healthy  Families-Healthy Communities

· Women attend 4 prenatal counseling cessation sessions to receive education and support for  quitting smoking and staying quit, and test using a carbon monoxide (CO) monitor (breath test).

· At prenatal sessions 3 and 4, women may receive their first set of diapers/wipes, if they test tobacco free.

· After the birth of the baby, women return monthly to continue CO monitoring and if proven to be smoke-free, will receive diapers/wipes for up to twelve months postpartum

· A smoker who lives with the pregnant woman can also enroll into the program and if  successfully quits smoking, may receive diapers/wipes during the postpartum period.


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Delivering Change


In 2011 several startling statistics came to light regarding the health of babies born to Geary County mothers. The Geary County Perinatal Coalition was formed to take a closer look at the issues surrounding these births.

From this coalition came the Delivering Change: Healthy Families-Healthy Communities project, a Four-Pronged Approach to improving community health and wellbeing.  Delivering Change aims: to improve the health of women during their childbearing years, including prenatal health; to promote breastfeeding; improve the health of infants and children; and engage, educate and empower fathers.

Delivering Change Website